Welcome to our technical page! In the following information, without personally bringing our enclosure to you for your review, we have compiled many facts of interest that will assist you in understanding why Roll-A-Cover has been recognized globally as a leader in this exciting new industry. Roll-A-Cover’s focus is not to be the least expensive, because with less cost are hidden losses to you, the consumer. We are not looking to compete in a compromising industry when the bottom dollar and volume set a company’s pace. We are not looking to be unaffordable because then the market will be limited and our growth will be controlled. However, we are looking to be competitive, quality enriched and represented by the finest groups of installers and dealers that this industry will accept.
Please take a moment to absorb some important data and information that we have presented.

• 10 mm polycarbonite (non-acrylic) twin wall roof which comes in several color variations.
* versus a typical single glazed enclosure with 1/8″ glazing or 6-8mm roof systems which limit roof strength.

• 1/4″ polycarbonite (non-acrylic) side walls which at 1″ is considered bullet proof glass.
* Also minimizes the amount of deflection versus acrylic under high winds and fading. Spider-webbing and cracking is warranted for 10 years.

• Non-Pool enclosures available with 1/4″ tempered glass. Several color variations available.
* Polycarbonite (non-acrylic) material is 25 times stronger than acrylic. Tempered glass that is not laminated should not be installed in any pool area. BOCA Codes restrictions and safety issues exist.

• Meets or exceeds most snow loads for northern states. Being a trackless enclosure affects the system’s snow load capacity along with the widths of each bay.

• Over 150MPH wind loads available for southern states. Tie downs during high winds are recommended.
* Most companies are recommending not to acquire permits. We recommend that you do and also acquire a stamped plan from any enclosure company that you are working with. This will also guarantee that your investment is structurally sound for most poor weather conditions. An added charge is often required but well recommended.

5″ high density custom molded wheels with self-lubricating brass hubs and stainless steel axels for ease of rolling.
For a wider system or poor site conditions, we recommend ordering additional wheels which can also allow bridging to occur on stamped concrete sites.

• Sliding windows with screens, fixed doors, sliding doors, screen doors, exhaust systems, custom colors available upon request.

• Stainless steel hardware throughout the entire system.

Powder-coated paint throughout the entire system which provides ease of cleaning and a 10-year 100% warranty * See Warranty *
Versus typical baked-on systems that will chalk and fade within a few years and have limited warranties.

retractable sunroom models have their exclusive patent-pending Roll-A-Flashing detail at the ridge for added flashing protection from rain.

 enclosures, when split, have an exclusive patent-pending Back-To-Back gutter so the enclosure is sealed during poor weather conditions
Versus the sections overlapping when connecting and having a wide void where bugs and air could enter.

 Built-in Hurricane Sill designed for high wind areas. Cross Cables Not Required on normal high wind conditions.

 Custom designed interlocking cross bars for our angled and straight-eave enclosure models.

10 year 100% warranty on all parts and 20 years on the extruded aluminum * See Warranty *
* Versus industry 2-5 years on painted surfaces, 3+ years on various glazing materials, 2+ years on all wheels, axels, hardware, etc.

Founder has over 28 years in the sunroom enclosure, Hot Tub, Construction and Swimming pool industry. Unmatched in the industry.