The 4 Most Beautiful Glass Based Buildings in the World

There are a lot of magnificent buildings all around the globe. We can’t deny the fact that the structures and designs have evolved in a fascinating way. One look and these beautiful buildings can take your breath away. Sometimes I’ve been thinking, are these buildings for real or is it just an illusion to have a state of the art attraction? Let me show you the four most beautiful glass based infrastructures in the world that took my breath away.

1. Botanical Garden of Curitiba or Jardim Botânico Fanchette Rischbieter

I have always been in awe looking at French Gardens. Don’t be surprised if the this Botanical Garden caught my attention. It is located in Curitiba, Brazil that opened dated 1991. The magnificent structure was made of glass and metal. One look and you will think you are in Glass Castle.

2. Hotel W

The Hotel W is located in Barcelona, Spain. This hotel is the one of the best proof how architecture has evolved in a very modern way. The great Ricardo Bofill has designed it. If you desire to have the feeling of being the captain sailor in the midst of the sea, then this is the perfect place you can fulfill your dream.

3. The Gherkin

The Gherkin or much known 30 St Mary Axe is one of the highest buildings around London. The designer Norman Foster preferred the thick glass panels that made the building use the natural light making it one of the energy efficient infrastructures.

4. National Centre of Performing Arts

If you think you’ve seen it all, then you haven’t seen this National Grand Theatre based in Beijing, China. It is made of glass and titanium that you can see how it reflects through the human-made lake that surrounds it. It was designed by Paul Andreu and was built in the year 2007.

These buildings are the proof on how much the architecture of today has improved. The grandeurs of these buildings are one of a kind. By looking at these infrastructures, you will wonder how much more advancement will the modern architecture take. The possibilities are limitless, but one thing is for sure, the glass windows created a significant impact on the designs of today.